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  • This article has multiple issues and may not meet the required stands for Smithipedia. Its Neutral Point of View gives undue weight to areas outside the British Isles; while good and original, the bits that are good and not original and the bits that are original are not good; also it has almost nothing to say about tea. Come on Editors - get a grip!

Earth is the third planet of the Sol System, a small yellow star at the far end of the unfashionable Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way galaxy.


The only notable geographical feature is a small group of islands lying to the north west of the Eurasian continent. Known as The British Isles or Great Britain, these islands are noted for being the administrative and cultural headquarters of the British Space Empire.


The dominant centre of culture on Earth is Great Britain. The various cultural sub-groupings within Britain frequently squabble, but invariably sort things out over a nice cup of tea and a little light holiday home burning, or sometimes with a referendum. Although the various local groups often give the impression of despising each other, woe-betide the foolhardy foreigner who thinks he can exploit this. A long chain of tinpot dictators, jumped-up corporals and other unseemly types have found that the only thing the population of Britain likes more than fighting among themselves is joining up and giving Johnny Foreigner a lesson in manners.

Other than Toby Frost, Earth's most famous writer is Douglas Adams .


Although there is evidence of economic activity outside The British Isles, nobody really cares.

Notable places

  • London - As Britain is the centre of culture, so London is cultural axis of all human civilisation. Popular bolt-hole for wealthy oil merchants.
  • Edinburgh - Like London, only more hilly. Arthur has his seat there
  • Cardiff - Where Doctor Who is filmed.
  • Bark Hall - Stately home from where you can see Farques Hall.
  • The Goat - Where early drafts of Toby Frost's seminal series of historical documentaries detailing the exploits of Isambard Smith and his crew were fine tuned.