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Smithileaks has been at it again, gathering rather more information about New Francisco than certain people would be happy with.

Ministerial briefing

The New Francisco Orbiter is the largest Free Colony under British Space Empire protection.

Home to around 17,000 idlers, wastrels and bhang-addled arty-farty types, its primary industries are listed in the Imperial Gazetteer as spacecraft renovation, hydroponic farming and the giving out of good vibrations.

Defences are minimal, and appear to involve repelling negative energy with crystals, rather than the usual dreadnought. New Francisco occupies a strategic position near the border with New Eden, and its facilities are used by a number of different species and powers.

Citizens of "New Fran" have been allowed considerable leniency with regard to chemical consumption, as permitted by [deleted by order of British Colonial Intelligence] in order to further study reported manifestations of [deleted by order of British Colonial Intelligence] Perception.

Further investigation continues.