Pollyanna R Carveth

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Polly Carveth is an android: a robot so convincing that you would never suspect that she was capable of logic, precision or obedience. Nor, for that matter, would she.

Early (simulated) life

Built to specification three years ago to satisfy the – frankly bizarre – urges of a corporate executive, Carveth escaped and learned enough about piloting spacecraft to take off, land and do that bit in between, even whilst tipsy. Having sneaked onto the John Pym, she has refused to leave ever since, especially if something remotely dangerous is outside. Generally, whether hiding or drinking, she is usually going to end up under the table.

Carveth was hunted down on company orders by Rick Dreckitt, an android bounty hunter. On discovering their shared interest in robotics and strong liquor, Dreckitt spared her. Carveth returned the favour by seducing him on Didcot 4. Since then, they have had an on/off relationship: Carveth gets on until Dreckitt can persuade her to get off and let him get his breath back.

War Record

Throughout the Galactic War, Polly Carveth has been a notable, if rather reluctant, participant in many of Captain Smith’s adventures. She single-handedly managed not to die at the Battle of Urn; she was present at the siege of Funland, when deranged tycoon Lloyd Leighton mistook her for a child and gave her a My Little Xenomorph Gymkhana Set; she has even flown a Hellfire assault shuttle (the autopilot forced her to) and once accidentally opened a portal to Hell.

Personal Life

Carveth’s interests include men, drinking, and electric toothbrushes. She has a strong, if not rabid, love of ponies, and became Secretary of the Galactic Pony and Small Horse Appreciation Society after the previous incumbent mysteriously posted herself to Siberia. Carveth longs for a “quiet” life – more accurately, for a lecherous, raucous, drunken life that doesn’t involve being shot at – but, in the company of Captain Smith and Suruk the Slayer, she seems alarmingly destined for glory.