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Rhianna Mitchell came to the attention of the British Space Empire when she exhibited apparent psychic abilities. She first came to the attention of Space Captain Isambard Smith when she leaned forward whilst demonstrating kelp body oil in an extremely loose kaftan. He was so smitten and eager to woo her that he managed to disregard the fact that she had bizarre powers, was permanently under the influence of Martian Red Weed and was not even from the Home Counties.

Early life

Born somewhere on the galactic trail, possibly on New Marrakesh, Rhianna had a confused upbringing with her artistic mother. A potted history of her earlier life - with a heavy emphasis on the pot - reveals periods spent in Woodstock, Tangiers, Morocco and finally Skegness, after her mother decided that maps were a tool of the System. Rhianna believes that life is measured in enlightenment, not years, but is fairly sure that she's 35. Somehow, she ended up on the New Francisco space station, where she worked in a health food shop and tried to remember where she had left her sandals.

To Urn and beyond

Whilst being transported across the galaxy by Captain Smith, Rhianna began to demonstrate unusual powers, including a seeming immunity to gunfire. Alien warlord Suruk the Slayer demonstrated Rhianna's ability to deflect thrown cutlery, to the great surprise of everyone concerned. During the invasion of Urn, she was able to psychically commune with the mysterious sun dragons and even managed to get Captain Smith to talk about emotions, to the extent that he took his trousers off.

Is she where now?

When not wearing a glorified collander on her head on behalf of the Space Empire's psychic research department, Rhianna acts as the self-appointed holistic wellbeing expert on board HMS John Pym. As such, she tries to encourage the others to express themselves in ways that don't involve killing things. She disapproves of the Space Empire's need to constantly claim new territory, but has just about figured out that genocidal space ants really don't want to be friends with anyone. Rhianna is now a valued member of the crew: even Smith's pilot, Polly Carveth, affords her a grudging respect for her gentle wisdom and never-ending supply of questionable cake.