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Sham is synthetic ham, an artificial foodstuff created for use in space[1]. It is distributed by the Ministry of Near-Food, on licence from the Sham Corporation, a subsidiary of Leighton Wakazashi Incorporated. This is not to be confused by sham corporations in general, of which LW owns many. Whilst not exactly popular, Sham is frequently encountered, and travellers are advised to familiarise themselves with tactics for dealing with it.

Sham comes in ready-sliced and lump form. The lump form has a handy indentation, like a housebrick. Sliced sham is easier to fit into sandwiches, and individual pieces can be dried out and used as roof tiles.

The Sham Corporation also produces Murkey, a form of synthetic turkey, Slurry (synthetic curry), Shamon (artificial fish, reputed to taste like a mixture of cod liver oil and ashes) and Facon, which allegedly resembles bacon and can be used as a good replacement tongue for an army boot.


  1. Information courtesy of the Ministry of Near-Food