The Didcot System

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Ministerial briefing

This is not the Didcot system, and that is not the John Pym

The Didcot System includes three potentially inhabitable planets. Didcot 6 is a M'Lak world noted for its lawlessness and macramé. Didcot 5 is a barren world marked by storms. A recent allied exploration team disappeared on the planet's surface after reporting a plague of small, hostile beings, although we suspect this to be an excuse for our allies making a fuss and slacking off.

Recently, pirate activity by the Lemming-men of Yull has increased in frequency. Yullian propaganda has taken a darker note, claiming that it is time for the Lemming People to "rush to the cliffs of destiny". It remains to be seen whether the Navy will need to civilise these arrogant, fluffy savages from orbit.

Didcot 4 is subject of a separate briefing